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Espresso extras: Overview

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We're pleased to offer a range of additional extras that extend learning opportunities.

These products and services include extensions to Discovery Education Espresso that are only available to existing subscribers, and a number of 'stand-alone' learning resources that can be purchased and enjoyed by schools, home educators and parents.

Espresso extras: Pupil Home Access

Home learning

Pupil Home Access is chargeable and enhances a school's subscription to Discovery Education Espresso. It offers opportunities for pupils to continue learning from home.

Pupil Home Access provides pupils and their parents with a Home learning area with a Parents' guide.

Learning at home with Discovery Education Espresso will:

  • Help to develop and promote school-to-home links
  • Integrate Discovery Education Espresso into homework
  • Provide a range of interactive resources across all key stages for children to work on independently

Subscribing schools
Contact us to subscribe to Pupil Home Access or download our flyer [PDF].

Pupil Home Access is not available for parents to purchase. Go to our benefits for parents page to find out how Discovery Education Espresso can support you.

Espresso extras: Books

Children reading an Espresso book

We've teamed up with leading publisher Franklin Watts, part of Hachette Books, to produce three series of children's books featuring the Discovery Education Espresso characters and supporting literacy and topic work.

  • Phonics: supports the teaching of reading through synthetic phonics
  • Story Time: captures pupils' imagination and builds their reading confidence
  • Ideas Box: is full of information, activities and ideas for exploring popular topics in a cross-curricular way. Titles include The Olympics and Chocolate!

These beautifully illustrated books provide a fun insight into the lives and personalities of the Discovery Education Espresso characters that pupils love. All the books include puzzles, activities and an 'Espresso Connections' section which suggests complementary resources on Discovery Education Espresso.

The Discovery Education Espresso books are available for everyone to purchase. To see the full range of books and prices, visit the Channel 4 Learning shop.

Free downloadable worksheets
Visit our Free fun stuff page to download printable worksheets. They can be photocopied and used on their own or used with our Ideas Box books to offer a more complete learning experience.

Espresso extras: Channel 4 Learning Clipbank

Clipbank Homepage Logo

Discovery Education Espresso has a sister service covering KS3 to KS4 called Clipbank.

This cross-curricular service offers similar features to Discovery Education Espresso plus a few extra elements that are relevant to the secondary age group.

Clipbank includes:

  • Thousands of video clips
  • Multimedia activities and tools
  • Daily News Blast and weekly News Bites
  • Planning and curriculum support
  • Exam board links
  • Home Access for teachers and pupils

For middle schools or independent schools covering older age groups, we are able to offer a special subscription package including Discovery Education Espresso and Clipbank. Please request a quote to receive pricing details.

Please visit the Clipbank website to take a look at the service and find out further information.

Espresso extras: Channel 4 Learning DVDs

Channel 4 Learning Catalogues 2012

Channel 4 Learning provides an extensive catalogue of DVDs and CD-ROMs for primary and secondary schools, including many award-winning educational programmes originally aired on Channel 4.

Resources cover all subject areas for ages 5-18. Titles include: 

  • Living & Growing - our top-selling sex education resource
  • The award-winning Extr@ series 
  • New DVDs such as Stage One Science and Star Maths

To view the full range of resources available visit the Channel 4 Learning shop

Espresso extras: Free fun stuff

Download one of our many PDF's which include downloadable posters and sticker sheets, masks that you and your pupils can wear and fun printable worksheets.

Click to download the PDFs

Download posters of the Espresso characters

Download our character masks

Download Espresso books worksheets