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Key Features: Overview

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Espresso offers a range of content and tools that is simply unrivalled. It covers all year groups and subjects, plus whole-school initiatives such as SEAL and Healthy Schools. It also offers a multitude of resource types to suit all kinds of learning and teaching styles. Espresso even includes SATs-related resources.

Espresso specialises in taking educational concepts and applying a 'real-world' context through video and other multimedia elements. This encourages pupils to think beyond the simple fact, resulting in the deeper and wider learning of concepts.

Designed with both teachers and pupils in mind, Espresso is a resource that can be teacher-led or facilitate pupils working independently in a safe online environment.

Key Features: Helping you succeed with Curriculum 2014


NC2014At Espresso, we're working on all sorts of ways of helping you manage the curriculum change. From helping you to easily find which resources fit the new objectives, to creating new content to cover any new requirements, we want to make the transition as easy as possible. 

Click here to view our video guide to Curriculum 2014 and how Espresso can help you teach the new programmes of study.


Join our free webinar on Espresso and the National Curriculum 2014

Find out how the newly created Espresso resources developed specifically to support the National curriculum 2014 objectives in English, Maths and Science can be used effectively in your classroom.

Key Features: Espresso phonics

Polly's phonics

Six new Espresso phonics modules have been added to Espresso Primary at no extra cost to subscribers.

Espresso phonics is based on phases 2-5 of the Department for Education's 'Letters and Sounds'. It provides a unique supplementary resource, including special focus on the mouth shape and pronunciation of each phoneme.

In total, the modules offer 105 new high-quality videos featuring professional presenters who provide a real-life representation of each phoneme. In-school filming captures regional variations of common phonemes.

This fantastic new area of Espresso covers all the grapheme/phoneme correspondences in a systematic, synthetic sequence of phonics teaching that also supports the critical skills of blending and segmenting.

Key Features: Topical news stories

News 2 Module

Engage pupils in the world around them by bringing current events into the classroom.

Our weekly news service is differentiated for Foundation, KS1 and KS2, with age-appropriate stories, images and language. It includes our popular presenter-led News Bites, made in partnership with ITN, and differentiated news articles for three levels.

These specially selected news items provide an engaging starting point for pupil discussion and assemblies, and can be extended with further activities and quizzes. All news resources are archived for future use.

Key Features: Cross-curricular approach

Pirates Resource Box

Espresso benefits all areas of the curriculum and school life. Our resources cover all the core subjects in addition to a rich supply of resources for the Foundation subjects.

Espresso also has some superb support for non-specialist teachers in hard-to-resource areas such as gymnastics and Modern Foreign Languages.

Teachers tell us that an important strength of Espresso is its ability to support cross-curricular topics and a creative curriculum. Our Resource boxes cover themes from pirates to 'going green', and cross-curricular links to other areas of the service are highlighted.

Key Features: Variety of resource types

Weather Module - Sorting clothes activity

Espresso has over 151 CD-ROMs worth of resources including: 7020 videos, 3460 photos, maps and graphics, 323 interactive Factfiles, plus SATs resources and double the number of activities than any other provider.

Pupils never get bored with Espresso as there's always something new. The variety of Espresso's creative resources keeps pupils engaged across the different sensory routes such as visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, musical and intrapersonal. 

Research shows that the unique combination of resources on Espresso impacts strongly on three of the five critical aspects of learning: cognitive, megacognitive and social.

Key Features: Anywhere, anytime access

Child using Espresso at home

Both teachers and pupils have the option to access Espresso from home.

  • Teacher Home Access
    As part of a subscription to Espresso, teachers are given the flexibility to plan where and when it best fits in with their lifestyle and priorities.
  • Pupil Home Access
    An additional service that schools can add to their subscription, this feature provides parents and pupils with access to the full Espresso service from home as well as a Home learning area and Parents' guide. This add-on has been designed to strengthen school-to-home links, offering extended learning opportunities to Espresso users. Find out more.

Subscribing schools
Find out how you can add Teacher and/or Pupil Home Access to your subscription.

Parents and home educators
Espresso is not available for parents or home educators to purchase. Visit our benefits for parents page to find out how Espresso can support you.

Key Features: Planning tools

Speed guides

With thousands of resources to choose from, Espresso offers a number of planning tools that enable you to find the perfect resource to match your needs.

  • Speed guides: quickly find relevant resources for your lessons by drilling down to search Espresso by resource type or by subject area
  • Route creator: enables you to bookmark resources ahead of time, so you can concentrate on teaching and not having to navigate through resources during lesson
  • Copy and paste: you can right-click on any photo, map or graphic, and then 'copy and paste' the selection into applications such as PowerPoint and Word, to incorporate into lesson plans and schemes of work
  • Search engine: search by keyword, subject, key stage or resource type

Key Features: Tablet friendly

Espresso on an iPad

Espresso Primary evolves to meet the ongoing needs of our subscribers and we always aim to provide the best user experience. So schools using (or planing to use) tablets, will be pleased to know that work is already well underway to upgrade the vast range of Espresso Primary's existing interactive activities to be tablet friendly.

We are releasing these updated versions regularly into the Espresso Primary service, as they become available. There are also a number of other Espresso resources available that are tablet-friendly including the videos, News Bites and news quizzes.

By the spring term we will have made the vast majority of our current activities compatible with tablets.

Key Features: Accessibility features

Accessibility features - Natural Environments Module

Espresso believes in making technology more inclusive and effective for all. Special features allow users to customise Espresso to support special education. For example you can simplify to help pupils focus on key information and change the colour scheme for those who require high-visibility contrast. Espresso also has an audio feature on most resources to support EAL pupils.

In 2008, Espresso Education was proud to be recognised with a BETT Special Award for Inclusion.

Key Features: Fun, engaging characters

Espresso Team Module

Pupils love Sal, Kim, Polly, Ash, Eddy, Scrap and Scully, the cute 'Espresso Team' who help out around the service. These fun, lively characters have unique and quirky personalities of their own and even appear in their own range of Espresso books.

As well as participating in activities and dressing-up for our modules, the team also has their own module so you can get to know them. This features some fun animations and activities. We have also created some free fun stuff like face masks and posters for you to download.