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Access to Espresso: Login

Login for schools that access Espresso directly:
If you have forgotten your username or password, please speak to your school's Espresso Coordinator.

Login for schools that access Espresso via their learning platform or portal:
You will need your learning platform or portal username and password.


London Grid for Learning


Worcestershire Learning Gateway

Nottinghamshire Portal

Norfolk Cloud Portal

Somerset County Council

Access to Espresso: Request Home Access

Child using Espresso at home

Teacher Home Access and Pupil Home Access is available to all subscribing schools, and it can be added at any time during your subscription.

How to request Home Access:

To find out more, contact us or download our Pupil Home Access flyer.

Existing Home Access subscribers
If you've changed learning platforms or require a different way of accessing Espresso from home, please compete and return our Transfer Form [PDF].

Parents and home educators
While Espresso is not available for parents or home educators to purchase, it can be used at home if your child's school adds Pupil Home Access to their subscription. For more information, or if you have any queries about Espresso, please speak to your child's school. Alternatively, visit our benefits for parents page to find out how Espresso can support you.

Access to Espresso: Support and FAQs

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  • I'm having difficulties logging in? Please report this to your School Espresso Coordinator who will contact technical support on your behalf.
  • I've forgotten my username or password? Please speak to your School Espresso Coordinator as they set your Home Access passwords.
  • How can I let my colleagues know that our school has Home Access? Download our Teacher Home Access poster [PDF] or Pupil Home Access poster [PDF]
  • How can I let my pupils' parents know that we have Pupil Home Access? We have a number of templates that can be downloaded from the Espresso Staffroom. We also offer a parent's training option where we can introduce parents and their children to learning at home with Espresso.
  • I've changed learning platform or require a different way of accessing Espresso from home. Download and compete our Transfer Form
  • I'm an Editure mysuite user and am having trouble logging in. You will need to login via your learning platform. You should see an Espresso Home Access Property on your desktop.
  • I'm an its learning users and am having trouble logging in. You access the Espresso Home Access 'content block' via 'My dashboard'. You will need to add this to your dashboard the first time you use Espresso from home.
  • I'm a parent. Please contact your school with any queries. Espresso is only able to respond to schools. Any Pupil Home Access details are set up by your school and hence, we are unable to answer any login related queries. Visit our benefits for parents page to find out how Espresso can support you.

Have another question? Contact technical support online.