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Children and parents learn and discover together with Espresso’s new Home learning service

(16th February 2010)

Anytime, anywhere access to Espresso is here, thanks to Espresso's new 'Home learning' service. For the first time, the best digital content is available to create exciting new learning opportunities beyond the classroom for both pupils and their parents.

From Spring Term 2010 and throughout the year, access to a special Home learning area (alongside the full Espresso service) will provide extended learning opportunities and special Home learning activities. This development sees a whole new dimension to using Espresso – even greater integration into lessons and homework tasks that will strengthen school-to-home links.

Involving parents

'Parental engagement' is a key priority for all stakeholders, and Espresso supports all schools in making this a reality. While learning platforms provide parents a view into their child's work and other information (such as attendance and grades), providing access to learning resources and activities – either in or out of a learning platform – provokes real interaction and discussion between parent and child.

The Espresso Home learning area includes a 'Parents guide' so that parents and carers can support their children in the learning process and be more involved in their activities on the Espresso service.

What’s in Espresso’s Home learning service?

Espresso is brilliant for addressing the many ways in which children learn. It has always appealed to all different learning styles, and the new Home learning area extends this by adding opportunities for both independent and guided study, for research into and understanding of concepts which develop the learners' skills. Specially constructed 'Learning paths' and selected activities are usually open-ended and encourage learners to experiment and develop skills and understanding.

At launch, there are 500 Learning paths and activity sets available, covering all primary phases from Foundation to upper Key Stage 2. The number and range of materials will be expanded, just as the Espresso service has grown weekly over the past 12 years.

Why study with Espresso at home?

Technology is changing the way schools, learners and parents/carers communicate. Increasingly it is becoming a key part of everyday life at school, but how do some families access these benefits at home? With this offering, access to Espresso’s high quality educational content at school can now be experienced at home, by everybody, including parents.

There is a wealth of research which shows home access increases achievement and positively impacts on educational results. For example, having a computer and a resource used in school at home associates with a two grade improvement in a GCSE subject (Institute of Fiscal Studies 2009).

Espresso will be delivering this service to customers in a variety of different ways dependent upon a school’s LA or Grid;  for example, through an LA portal or through Espresso’s own secure login system. Espresso Primary Home learning will be chargeable at £1 per pupil.

For teachers in over 10,000 subscribing schools all across the UK, Espresso is already available from the comfort of home. Using a secure login, teachers have access to the full Espresso service anytime anywhere – including videos – to plan lessons, watch professional development clips, or embed videos into their learning platform.