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Reviews: User feedback

Discovery Education Espresso makes an impact across the school, from Teaching Assistants to Head Teachers. Here is what some of our users had to say about their personal experiences of Discovery Education Espresso.

  • "I have already recommended Discovery Education Espresso to other schools as it is a resource which is effectively organised and saves teachers time."

    Phillip Dixon, Deputy Head, Kingswood Preparatory School, Bath

  • "Discovery Education Espresso is a great resource for teaching all key stages and I would be lost without it."

    Michelle Powis, ICT Coordinator, Donnington Wood Infant School, Telford & Wrekin

  • "There are so many superb resources in one place which are easy to embed in other media to produce excellent resources which can be shared via the school server or on the learning platform."

    Debbie Stubbington, ICT Coordinator, St Matthew's CE Primary, Kingston-upon-Thames

  • "Safe, uncontaminated and appropriate resources that are quicker to find than the broader web."

    Tiggy Mitchell, Deputy Headteacher, Brecknock Primary School, Camden

  • "I have found Discovery Education Espresso to be extremely beneficial in the classroom and am able to incorporatate it in to every lesson where appropriate. It has enhanced learning tremendously."

    Lucy Stone, Year 3 & 4 Teacher, Glenboi Primary School, Glamorgan

  • "A very useful tool for teaching and for parents to use at home.  It allows for the children to learn at their own pace at home."

    Claire Branton, Assistant Headteacher, Giffards Primary School, Essex

Reviews: Research

Lancaster University logo

Lancaster University conducted an independent academic evaluation of Discovery Education Espresso using evidence from over 330 user schools. Findings highlighted three key positive effects.

  • Discovery Education Espresso resources encourage deeper and wider learning
    Discovery Education Espresso resources enable pupils to think beyond the simple fact, generating interest, questioning and discussion - these outcomes impact strongly on megacognitive, cognitive and social aspects of learning.
  • Earlier use of Discovery Education Espresso is associated with higher achievement in Key Stage 2 SATs results
    In the schools studied, Discovery Education Espresso was embedded into the school's longer term plan. At the same time teachers were able to use Discovery Education Espresso for targeted support to children's learning.
  • Discovery Education Espresso takes 50% less time than internet resources when selecting, vetting and preparing lessons
    Discovery Education Espresso resources are pre-selected by educationalists and provided in ways that allow teachers to find them with relative ease compared to finding, vetting and assessing a resource on the Internet.

Download the Discovery Education Espresso Summary [PDF], visit our press release to download the full versions.

"Resources often support certain areas of learning better than others. The width of learning aspects covered by a resource enable teachers and learners to engage more widely and in different ways with those resources. In this respect, Discovery Education Espresso offers the widest overall picture of a set of resources that I've ever evaluated."
Don Passey, Senior Research Fellow, Lancaster University

Research from the USA

Discovery Education Espresso has a significant positive impact on pupil performance in maths

Some very positive findings has published about our sister service in the US, Espresso Elementary. They are the results of an 18-month, mixed methods study regarding the efficacy of Espresso in 10 classrooms conducted by MIDA Learning Technologies, an educational consultancy organisation. Findings showed:

  • The pupils in the experimental group significantly outperformed the control group on the standards-based post-test
  • The pupils in the experimental group also significantly performed better on the standards-based post-test than the standards-based pre-test

The statistical data suggests that the use of Espresso as part of the everday curriculum, even when used for little more than one hour per week, helped pupils to achieve at higher levels than their counterparts who were taught without Espresso. 

All participants in the research study observed that Espresso increased pupil engagement and focus on the mathematical topics being taught in the classroom. Pupils were very excited when their time came to work on Espresso and it provided a meaningful learning context resulting in a classroom climate promoting higher student achievement.

Visit the Espresso Elementary website or Download the Espresso Summary [PDF] | Download the Executive Summary [PDF]

Reviews: Engaged schools

Many schools are enthusiastic users who have found Discovery Education Espresso to be an invaluable service. Although they come in all shapes and sizes, there is one thing they all have in common: passion and commitment to integrating ICT and Discovery Education Espresso across the curriculum.

The schools below are willing to be contacted by other schools to share how they are using Discovery Education Espresso and how the service has made a difference.

  • Albany Primary School, Cardiff

    In 2007, Albany Primary became our first Welsh Ambassador school. They use Espresso to support the curriculum for Wales including Curriculum Cymreig with our Welsh module.

    Read more: Visit Albany Primary School

  • Bedford Primary School, Sefton

    Bedford Primary is a forward-thinking school that uses a wide range of ICT to increase interest and aid learning. The pupils and staff were featured in a BECTA video that showcased Espresso as a result of our BETT Award for Best Early Years Solution.

    Read more: Visit Bedford Primary School

  • Court Lane Junior School, Hampshire

    Court Lane Junior first came to our attention as a prolific provider of lesson ideas to our Ideas Exchange area. Their use of Espresso is firmly embedded into their curriculum planning and their teachers share how they achieved this in our Staffroom area for teachers.

    Read more: Visit Court Lane Junior School

  • Grays School (now Harbour Primary School), East Sussex

    Grays is an infant school that makes impressive use Espresso and ICT. They also have a Success Story which demonstrates how they use Espresso as a stimulus to develop literacy through podcasting. They are twinned with an Espresso Elementary user school in Pennsylvania with whom they share ideas and work on joint projects.

    Read more: Visit Grays School (now Harbour Primary)

  • Gorsemoor County Primary, Staffordshire

    Gorsemoor is large school situated near Cannock Chase, an area of outstanding natural beauty. They have been an Ambassador School for many years now. The pupils enjoy the outdoors and can seen pond dipping and exploring the woods in our Minibeast module for KS1.

    Read more: Visit Gorsemoor County Primary

  • Highfield Junior & Infant School, Birmingham

    With over 800 pupils, Highighfield School is our largest Ambassador schools. Nearly all pupils have English as an additional language, but the commitment of staff and the use of visual resources, like Espresso, has enabled them give them the best start to their education.

    Read more: Visit Highfield Junior & Infant School

  • Trinity CE Primary School, Wolverhampton

    Trinity is a vibrant school that serves the needs of a diverse community in Wolverhampton. This Creative Partnerships School has embraced the arts and Espresso. As you might expect, it is used very creatively and with great effect.

    Read more: Visit Trinity CE Primary School

  • St. Aidan's CE First School, Kirklees

    St Aidan's is a small school in the village of Skelmansthorpe who are enthusiatic users of Espresso. Their recent Ofsted report states 'Pupils' achievement is outstanding because they reach high levels of attainment, particularly in English'. Read their Success Story to see how they use Espresso in their English teaching.

    Read more: Visit St. Aidan's CE First School

Reviews: Espresso Advocate schools

Why do so many schools choose to subscribe to the Discovery Education Espresso service?

Discover the many reasons for yourself by asking some of them to explain how Discovery Education Espresso is helping them to enhance their teaching and learning every day.

We have a large number of subscribing schools who are happy for you to get in touch to share their experiences of Discovery Education Espresso. Simply click on the image below and we will take you to an interactive map where you can find a school close to you. 

Espresso Advocate Schools Map

Click on the image above to visit our interactive Advocate schools map

Reviews: Case studies

We would like to share with you a series of case studies highlighting schools that have successfully implemented Discovery Education Espresso. Written directly from the schools' perspective, our case studies discuss the positive difference Discovery Education Espresso has made within schools across the UK.

  • Committed to exploring different ways of delivering the Curriculum for Excellence

    Although we have only been subscribing to Discovery Education Espresso for a year, I can't imagine lessons without it. The video clips, activities and 'Resource boxes' have really helped enhance teaching in a way that makes planning lessons fun and engages children in learning.

    Read more: Carmyle Primary School Success Story [pdf]

  • Continuity, normality and enjoyment

    Laptops, iPads and other bedside technology is used to make lessons fun, relevant and highly personalised. The ability to have instant access to Discovery Education Espresso means that whatever topic is being studied, it can be further explored.

    Read more: Great Ormond Street Success Story [pdf]

  • Making use of Discovery Education Espresso constantly throughout the day

    Alfred Sutton has been using Discovery Education Espresso for more nine years. The greatest use of the service can be seen through Nursery, Foundation and Key Stage 1. Nursery and Foundation groups especially make use of Discovery Education Espresso constantly throughout the day.

    Read more: Alfred Sutton Primary School Success Story [pdf]

  • Teaching English using Discovery Education Espresso

    Since having access to Discovery Education Espresso, St. Aidan's CE First School has seen an improvement in their children's writing. Teachers planned to incorporate more speaking, listening and drama into their literacy lessons and Discovery Education Espresso was part of this development.

    Read more: St. Aidans CE First School Success Story [pdf]

  • Topic-based framework keeps pupils engaged

    Brooke Hill Primary School (now Brooke Hill Academy) has been following a topic-based framework for their teaching. Certain Discovery Education Espresso resources will always be used when teaching a certain topic so these will be incorporated into the teachers planning.

    Read more: Brooke Hill Primary School Success Story [pdf]

  • Support for all subject areas

    Teachers at Milton Mount Primary search Discovery Education Espresso's wealth of resources without the worry of authenticity. Once they have found a suitable resource, it is incorporated into all their planning and future time is saved when the subject is taught the following year.

    Read more: Milton Mount Primary School Success Story [pdf]

  • Podcasting to promote opportunity

    Grays School have found that pupil achievement has improved noticeably with the use of ICT and Discovery Education Espresso. They use Discovery Education Espresso across the curriculum to bring subject matter to life.

    Read more: Grays School Success Story [pdf]

Reviews: Video testimonials

  • Christine Terrey, Head Teacher, Grays School (now Harbour Primary School)

    "Videos stimulate the discussion and talking which is so important for children's learning."

  • Brooke Penrose, Teacher, Anson Primary School

    "It encourages the children to really think about what they are learning."

  • Anne Hutchison, Principal Teacher, Carmyle Primary School

    "I think Discovery Education Espresso is an excellent resource - quite possibly one of the best resources I've seen for a number of years."

  • Chris Metcalfe, Head Teacher, Cockerton Primary School

    "It helps them to visualise what they are finding out about."

  • Mark Jaycock, Teacher, Edwalton Primary School

    "You know that Discovery Education Espresso is a site where they are going to find things that are relevant to them."

  • Linda Baird, Deputy Head Teacher, Carmyle Primary School

    "We saw the Discovery Education Espresso materials and thought they would be ideal to use on SmartBoards."

Reviews: Awards

Over the years, Espresso Education (now Discovery Education) has won a number of awards for educational, technological and customer support. We are proud to have been recognised by the following organisations:

  • 2014, BETT Award for ICT Company of the Year (over £10million turnover)

    Espresso Education is delighted to have been recognised with two honours this year. The first award is for ICT Company of the Year (over £10 million turnover) which recoginises many exciting developments including the launch of two new services and a huge investment in new content ready for curriculum 2014 for Espresso Primary (now Discovery Education Espresso). The second honours Lewis Bronze, Founder & Director of Content, Espresso Education with the most eminent BETT award for Outstanding achievement in ICT education. 

    Read the press release.

  • 2010, BETT Award for ICT Service and Support

    This award celebrates UK-based companies and educational organisations that provide effective services, support and professional development to ensure that ICT really makes an impact in the classroom.
    Read the press release.

  • 2009, Institute of IT Training’s Silver Award – Training Department of the Year

    The award recognises excellence in the provision of effective services, support and professional development to ensure that ICT really makes an impact in the classroom.
    Read the press release.

  • 2009, BETT Award for Early Years Solutions

    We won our fifth BETT Award for Espresso Primary. This award recognises our commitment to early learners, and the importance of stimulating and engaging children with ICT from a young age.
    Read the press release.

  • 2008, BETT Award For ‘Inclusion’

    We were thrilled to receive this award. Judges recognised that Espresso Education best promoted inclusion through providing a resource that is accessible to all pupils.
    Read the press release.

  • 2007, BAFTA British Academy Children's Award

    We were very proud to have been honoured by BAFTA members in the Learning Primary category for an excellent service that "reflects the rapid changes in teaching methods." Read the press release.

  • 2007, Royal Television Society Educational Award

    The Educational Television Awards recognises the best in audio-visual support for learning. Judges commended Espresso's winning Toy Design Module as it 'supports an area of the curriculum which has often been neglected by software designers and developers.'
    Read the press release.

  • 2007, ERA Award for Primary ICT

    We were delighted to be named the winners in the Primary ICT category for the Espresso Primary service. This award recognises innovative products that impact learning and the work of the teacher in the classroom. 
    Read the press release.

  • 2007, European Seal of Excellence - Silver

    This award required entrants to demonstrate that their product or service was successfully developed for and promoted to a particular market. We were able to prove that Espresso Primary is developed to enhance the UK curriculum, often reflecting the feedback that we receive from teachers and advisors.
    Read the press release.

  • 2006, Learning on Screen Award: Courseware and Curriculum-related content

    This award celebrates excellence in the production and development of effective learning materials employing moving pictures, graphics and sound.
    Read the press release.

  • 2005, ERA Supplier of the Year

    We were very proud to have been recognised as the Supplier of the Year at the Education Resources Awards. It was our first-class attention to our subscribers that made Espresso the trusted supplier and partner for over 4000 schools (at that time).
    Read the press release.

  • 2004, BETT Award for Best Online Resource and Best Educational Software

    Espresso was honoured to receive two BETT Awards, the highest accolade in educational ICT in the UK.

    • Best Online Resource - the Espresso for Primary Schools service.
    • Best Educational Software: Primary & Early Years - the Poetry Workshop Learning Module (built in partnership with Barrow Community Learning Partnership)

    Read the press release.

  • 2000, Most Imaginative Reuse of Archive Content

    We picked up an award for the Most Imaginative Reuse of Archive Content at the IIR's Broadband Content Congress in Barcelona.
    Read the press release.

  • 2000, EMMA Award: Education & Home Learning Up to 11 Years Online

    The EMMA Awards are respected for their independence and impartiality, and are widely recognised as the most prestigious interactive media awards. We were proud to have received this award which required us to demonstrate how rich media content enhances the delivery of an educational body of knowledge.
    Read the press release.

  • 2000, BETT Innovation Award

    Our ground-breaking contribution to education was recognised at the BETT Awards. This award was in recognition of our delivery of broadband content services by satellite and other broadband internet connections.
    Read the press release.