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Subscription & Pricing: Overview

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A subscription to Discovery Education Espresso opens up a world of learning opportunities across the whole school. Our customer retention rate is constantly around 94%, demonstrating the value our users place on their subscription.

International schools

International schools can subscribe to Discovery Education Espresso. The service comes 'as is', with content in English (UK). For more information, please contact us.

International distributors

If you are interested in establishing a distribution partnership for the entire Discovery Education Espresso service, outside of the UK, please contact us.

Parents and home educators

While Discovery Education Espresso is not available for parents to purchase, it can be used at home if your child's school add Pupil Home Access to their subscription. For more information, or if you have any queries about Discovery Education Espresso, please speak to your child's school. Alternatively, visit our benefits for parents page to find out how Discovery Education Espresso can support you.

Subscription & Pricing: How does it work?

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Whether you are a large school in the middle of a city, a small school in a rural location, or something inbetween, we can deliver you the full, video-rich Discovery Education Espresso experience.

Discovery Education Espresso may be delivered via a Linux server which sits on your school network or online over the internet. Delivery is dependent on the size of your school and where you are located.

Contact us online or phone 0800 6 527 527 to discuss your school's requirements.

Subscription & Pricing: What does a subscription include?

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A subscription to Discovery Education Espresso includes:

  • Access to thousands of video clips and interactive resources across all subjects, from Foundation to Year 6
  • Daily and weekly updates of fresh resources and news items during term time
  • Teacher Home Access to Discovery Education Espresso
  • Freephone technical support

Request an in-school demo to see the full Discovery Education Espresso service.

Subscription & Pricing: How much does it cost?

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The cost of a subscription to Discovery Education Espresso is based on your school's individual needs, including:

  • The number of full-time equivalent pupils on the school roll
  • Local Authority or Regional Broadband Consortium
  • How Discovery Education Espresso will be accessed by your school

Funding a subscription to Discovery Education Espresso
Core budgets are the most typical source of funding, but many schools also use 'creative' means such as local fundraising or sponsorship. Some schools also allocate a portion of their Pupil Premium fund. Read our Funding flyer [PDF] or visit our Funding page for more information.

Discover how affordable Discovery Education Espresso is for your school by requesting a quote or phoning 0800 6 527 527.

Subscription & Pricing: Request a demo or quote

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There are many different ways to see Discovery Education Espresso in action and find out how affordable the service is for your school.

  • In-school demo: get a personalised tour of Discovery Education Espresso and examples of how resources can be used across your school
  • No-obligation quote: find out the cost and value of a subscription to Discovery Education Espresso
  • A taste of Discovery Education Espresso: sample a selection of our resources for a term in your classroom with our Free Classroom Resources Taster
  • At events: We organsie and attend numerous events throughout the year including the BETT show.

You can always phone us on 0800 6 527 527.

Subscription & Pricing: How do I renew my subscription?

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Our rentention rate is constantly around 94% demonstrating the value our users place on their subscription.

Our dedicated renewals team can help you with:

  • Renewing your subscription
  • Finding out when your subscription is due for renewal
  • Adding Teacher Home Access, to enable you and your colleagues to access Espresso from home
  • Adding Pupil Home Access, to extend school-to-home links

You can contact our renewals team online, by phoning 0800 6 527 527 (ext 4536) or by emailing renewals.team@espresso.co.uk

To find out how you can fund your subscription to Discovery Education Espresso, please go to our funding page.

Subscription & Pricing: Funding

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Core budgets are the most typical source of funding for Discovery Education Espresso, as ring-fenced grants have being largely phased out and funds are being distributed direct to schools. This gives schools more freedom and flexibility, opening up more options to pay for Discovery Education Espresso. 

Some schools allocate new Pupil Premium funds as Discovery Education Espresso is an additional provision that can address specific pupils' learning needs. And independent research has shown that Discovery Education Espresso is ideal for use with many different kinds of learners. Read our flyer [PDF] to learn how Discovery Education Espresso can assist in matching your Pupil Premium requirements.

In addition, some schools use money raised by PTAs, local fundraising schemes and sponsorships to support the purchase of Discovery Education Espresso. Download our flyer [PDF] which you can use to provide members of your PTA with for more information. Your bursar may be able to advise you on the best funding options available.