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Our daily learning platform

“Espresso has lots of great digital resources and I use these to support my teaching, especially in maths and literacy. The videos introduce new concepts, while the quizzes and games consolidate learning and check for understanding. The grammar and punctuation videos are especially good. Recently I used these to teach about speech marks and my Primary 6 class were very engaged. The video helped them to grasp the different rules and learn how to put these into practice.”

Supporting independent and guided learning

“One of the best things about Espresso is that it supports both independent and guided learning. We can deliver lessons online or in-person and students can access Espresso in the classroom and at home.”

A Dynamic Digital Resource for Bilingual Schools

“I’ve used Espresso for many years and have been delighted to see how it can support teaching in a bilingual environment. Espresso has a translate function, which makes it easy for us to switch between two languages.”