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New to Espresso this July

July is here and the summer holidays are on their way, but there’s still time for plenty of teaching and learning before the term officially ends! 

Here at Discovery Education, we’re all about making your lives as teachers easier. In this month’s newsletter, you’ll find all manner of resources that will help you to create an engaging, stimulating, and relevant learning environment for your pupils – right up until the last day of term.  

Resources For July 

Calendar Picks 

Our Calendar Picks provide topical, relevant mini lessons on the important days and events occurring each month. They are specially created for EYFS, KS1, and KS2 pupils.  

Our selection for July includes lessons on Plastic Free July, World Chocolate Day (yum!), International Tiger Day, and the International Day of Friendship. They’re designed to spark discussion, so why not use them in your classroom this month and encourage your pupils to express their ideas?  

News and Topical Channel 

Our News and Topical channel helps build cultural capital in your classroom, bringing pupils information about the world around them. Our weekly News Bites bulletins for KS1 and KS2 are available each Thursday morning and feature a selection of timely and relevant news stories produced by teachers and news professionals. 

Find out how Taylor Swift has wowed fans across the UK, how hairy pigs are helping rare butterflies, why the Paris Olympics are set to be the greenest ever, and more!  

And if Election fever has hit your school, why not take a look at our KS1 Election News Bites Special and our KS2 Election News Bites Special plus accompanying resources and run your own election at school?  

Beyond Curriculum 

Looking for exciting resources that go beyond curriculum content? Look no further than our Beyond Curriculum range. Our collection of engaging educational extras supports exciting, immersive lessons, boosting learning and engagement.  

You could explore STEM concepts with our animal pals Finn, Goldie and Cam, delve into morals and behaviour through our Fable Cottage series or spark curiosity by looking at the Real-World Phenomena collection!  

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